Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Run Cycle Results

That's it then, I have completed my run cycle challenge.

I have done my normal run, knight run and soldier run cycles over the past 3 weeks and I'm pretty pleased with the results (although I'm sure I wont be in a few weeks).

Ill post the 2 run cycles I've already posted up first and then I'll post my newest run, enjoy...

I've also started work on my next project, which is something different for me.

I decided to attempt some modelling as I have done very little of it in 3DS Max so far and its something I would like to get good at. I've not attempted a human character yet so its been quite a challenge so far.

Don't worry about thinking how bad it is, and how many horrible mistakes there are, I'm sure ill find most of them as I work on it, but by all means point any out if you spot them, it will help me further down the road :)

I've also updated my artwork page, so give that a look too :) 

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