Monday, 16 July 2012

More broken stone

So after completing the wall a few days back I was quite pleased with how it turned out and tried to do a similar thing with another model. I was going to sculpt the bricks for the end part of the wall I was making in conjunction with that one, but I'm not sure I could take carving away at more bricks yet...

Instead I made a few floor stones or stepping stones which were quick cuboids which I added some subdivisions to and then quickly moved them around to a more organic shape, I then took them into Mudbox and did the same as I did with the wall

Here are the results:

In Mudbox:

In 3ds Max as a normal map:

It 288 polys in the end for the low poly mesh with normal map on it, perhaps slightly high for what it is but it was just a quick exercise so isn't too bad. The things that look like folds near the corners of the stones is due to my bad unwrapping (surprise surprise) I could clean them up but for what its worth I'm just going to leave it

Theres no diffuse or spec on there, just the normal map

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Just a quick update from the wall from yesterdays blog post, set up the normal maps, but a quick diffuse and AO texture on it and sorted the spec out. Overall? I think it turned out quite well, take a look for yourself.

I think it looks best from front on, but then thats normal maps for you isn't it. It turned out to be 1532 polys, perhaps a little higher than I would have liked but it could be cut down if the brief required it, its quite flexable but it looks good at this level with a decently low poly count.

The top hasn't had any work done to it, and I would want to do something to that before I thought about using it in a game or submitting it for an assignment. I still have an end piece of wall which I was creating beside this that could be placed anywhere along the wall for more customisation during the map layout. And...come to think of it I saw this wall as being able to be placed side by side to make a longer wall, but I could have laid the stones out better and sorted the top out so it would connect better...isn't hindsight a wonderful thing...

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Back to work!

So's been a while peeps...

And erm...I haven't done much work tbh...I found the free time thing quite addicting and have been doing nothing but seeing my girlfriend, friends, family and playing games...

But its been fun!

I started getting back to work over the last few days, I started making a fairy character in preparation for next year university project, but that hasn't been going oh so well... I think jumping straight back into a character was a mistake, should have gone for a prop or weapon first really. I'll keep working on the fairy and see if I can get it to look half decent, then I'll post it up on here.

Other than that I started modelling a wall yesterday, and it went quite well... then I put it into mudbox and it went great...then I kept mudboxing it and I don't think I looks so good now, probably overworked it slightly. Either way here is the mudbox mesh, I have tested putting it into max on a low poly model as a normal map and it works fairly well, but I think with a bit of tweaking I can get it to look better, if I works well I'll stick that up here when i get round to it to...

anyway here it is in max before sculpting:

And here it is in mudbox after sculpting:

I think the stones towards the top of the wall work better than the ones at the bottom as I think I overdid the damage a bit too much but I wanted the damage to be more severe towards the bottom of the wall, like it has been hit a clipped by things passing it. Hopefully that came across in the sculpt.