Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The beginning of production!

Pre-production is finally done! Hurrah! Now its time to start the production...and boy is there a lot of it...

Yesterday the advanced techniques project started and I have started to create the head of my Mongol warrior, this is going reasonably well but quite difficult...maybe because I haven't done any modelling in a while

Tomorrow we will be taught how we should be creating the rest of the models so I will begin modelling that tomorrow...then if things go according to my original plan then I will have the modelling done by friday so I can take it into Zbrush over the weekend and play with it in there to see what I can produce. Although looking at how long this head is taking to make I will be pushing it trying to model it all in a day and a half.

If this doesn't go to plan I might put a day or two aside during major project to produce a better normal map using ZBrush.

I'll be keeping a record of it all again as I did with pre-production over at The Paupe Project.