Thursday, 21 July 2011

Anybody Need A Hand?

So last week I modelled the head and had a rough body done, but I decided the body was done all wrong and it would be quicker to redo the entire thing than it would be to try and fix it, so I've started again and decided to do the body in lots of separate pieces as I can add all the detail I wanted without having to worry about the rest of the body and will hopefully turn out better than before.

The hand isn't complete yet, as you can see, some of the shapes are not quite there like the finger tips and the palm but the majority of the hand is there and I'm quite pleased with how its gone so far.

But for now this project is on hold while I work on my next project which is animating a great model done by fellow class mate Kieran Mckay who has his own blog here. I'm really excited about working on this project as the model looks great and should be something very different to the stuff I've been doing recently.

As for now I'm off on holiday for a week in Ibiza :D so no updates for a while but I'll sure to be back to it afterwards :)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

It's a Boy!

So I've started my new project which involves modelling a human, which is something I've never done before...and so far it's going well.

I posted the work in progress shot of the body last time, which still needs some major work to take shape, but I thought doing the head would be an interesting project in itself and would help me define how my character should look.

As I had never done a face in 3DS MAX before and had no idea where to start I decided to follow a tutorial (Check it out here) which used polygonal modelling starting from just one polygon and expanding from there, something else I haven't tried.

I then had to alter the finished piece as I wanted the character to be male and the tutorial is for a female head, so I tweaked it around somewhat and it now (hopefully) looks like a man.

This has been a great learning experience for me as I've learnt a new modelling technique, finished my first face which makes the next one less daunting and learnt all sort of tips and tricks to use while modelling.

I'm hoping to define the mouth some more and add teeth and a tongue in the future so that I can animate it talking and hopefully acting on the body when I've finished it.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Run Cycle Results

That's it then, I have completed my run cycle challenge.

I have done my normal run, knight run and soldier run cycles over the past 3 weeks and I'm pretty pleased with the results (although I'm sure I wont be in a few weeks).

Ill post the 2 run cycles I've already posted up first and then I'll post my newest run, enjoy...

I've also started work on my next project, which is something different for me.

I decided to attempt some modelling as I have done very little of it in 3DS Max so far and its something I would like to get good at. I've not attempted a human character yet so its been quite a challenge so far.

Don't worry about thinking how bad it is, and how many horrible mistakes there are, I'm sure ill find most of them as I work on it, but by all means point any out if you spot them, it will help me further down the road :)

I've also updated my artwork page, so give that a look too :) 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cryptic Soldier Run

So the final run cycle of the challenge is upon us, and time is running short...

The cycle is going well so far as I have animated the feet manually again and not like I attempted to with the knight. The weight is coming along better with this run although its not altogether there and I struggled slightly with the arm movements which need some more tweaking.

Other than that the run is going quite well and its done in the style of a soldier keeping low to avoid fire while also running. Here it is, feedback will be appreciated. :)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

2 Down 1 To Go

Today marks the end of my 2nd weekly run cycle and the beginning of my 3rd and final run cycle...the soldier.

As for the knight, it turned out well after the problem with the feet and legs, which I had to reanimate, but the final piece would have been better if I had managed to put more time into it and didn't have so many problems.

The main problem I can see with the animation is the weight. Especially the weight of the steps which hasn't come across very well for such a heavy character.

I tried to get the sword arm to rotate less than the other arm and I think that worked fairly well with the lean to one side, but I would have to spend more time getting all the weight right on this character.

Enough excuses it is...

Monday, 4 July 2011

Cryptic Knight Run

I've been working on my knight run over the past few days but haven't got much done recently due to being busy (although its not that bad most of its been fun) so I best work harder as I only have till Wednesday before the deadline for this run is up.

When doing this run I decided to use the Cryptic AR's foot controls rather than moving the model manually as I did with the first run, this has made it harder for me to get to grips with how this works and I have experienced problems with the legs twitching that I haven't quite been able to fix yet.

I decided to have the shield on the back of the knight as I have already done a run animation with the Roman soldier who had a shield and a sword so I decided to mix this one up somewhat. 

I also need to work on the weight some more as the knight is carrying heavy armour and weapons. The idea was to have the sword arm much more tense and not swinging much to contrast the other arm which is working harder to compensate.

That's it for this update, as always any feedback is always appreciated .