Monday, 4 July 2011

Cryptic Knight Run

I've been working on my knight run over the past few days but haven't got much done recently due to being busy (although its not that bad most of its been fun) so I best work harder as I only have till Wednesday before the deadline for this run is up.

When doing this run I decided to use the Cryptic AR's foot controls rather than moving the model manually as I did with the first run, this has made it harder for me to get to grips with how this works and I have experienced problems with the legs twitching that I haven't quite been able to fix yet.

I decided to have the shield on the back of the knight as I have already done a run animation with the Roman soldier who had a shield and a sword so I decided to mix this one up somewhat. 

I also need to work on the weight some more as the knight is carrying heavy armour and weapons. The idea was to have the sword arm much more tense and not swinging much to contrast the other arm which is working harder to compensate.

That's it for this update, as always any feedback is always appreciated .

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