Thursday, 21 July 2011

Anybody Need A Hand?

So last week I modelled the head and had a rough body done, but I decided the body was done all wrong and it would be quicker to redo the entire thing than it would be to try and fix it, so I've started again and decided to do the body in lots of separate pieces as I can add all the detail I wanted without having to worry about the rest of the body and will hopefully turn out better than before.

The hand isn't complete yet, as you can see, some of the shapes are not quite there like the finger tips and the palm but the majority of the hand is there and I'm quite pleased with how its gone so far.

But for now this project is on hold while I work on my next project which is animating a great model done by fellow class mate Kieran Mckay who has his own blog here. I'm really excited about working on this project as the model looks great and should be something very different to the stuff I've been doing recently.

As for now I'm off on holiday for a week in Ibiza :D so no updates for a while but I'll sure to be back to it afterwards :)

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