Thursday, 4 August 2011

Kizard 2012

So I'm back from my holiday in Ibiza, had a great time and enjoyed just taking a few days to relax without having anything to worry for now...its back to work :)

As I mentioned last week I've put my modelling on hold for a while as I animate fellow class mate Kieran Mckay's model, and its been a fun and challenging project so far. The skinning of the project has been hard and every time I think its skinned properly I check it in my animation to find its completely wrong...but trial and error shall save the day.

The actual animation is of the lizard...thing to be doing a sneaky walk as if stalking prey or hiding from something. At the moment I haven't been animating it very long and some of the skinning such as the arms and the front of the thighs need some work as well as the actual foot placements as more skinning needs to be done there too, but this is what I have so far...

I also downloaded 3DS Max 2012 which looks very nice but doesn't really change all that much for us animators...not that I've found yet anyway. The only thing to really affect me is I found I could no longer use the skin modifier to skin the model as I was unable to select points while having the weight adjuster open, I eventually found a fix for this that can be downloaded from Autodesk, if you haven't found it already, Here.

Also one last thing...everyone who loves games, or likes to play a game from time to time, check out the Humble Indie Bundle, its a bunch of small game developers getting together to raise money for charity, you pay what you want and choose how much goes to the developers and how much goes to the charities, so get over there and splash some cash now, give to charity and get some great games :)

Thanks for reading and give me any feedback you can other than the obvious skinning errors ;)

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