Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Back to Pre-production

So it's been a while since I posted any work up here, mostly because I've been working on pre-production which is always a weak spot for me, I generally find myself unmotivated and struggle to get any work done. I am glad that pre-production for major project is it's own project however as it stops me from getting to this stage and then just jumping into production before I am ready.

That said, it hasn't been going too badly so far, the pressure to do well this year as well as getting the animators and directors everything they need is keeping me going for the time being. I find that I enjoy the end of pre-production anyway as I have trouble coming up with initial ideas and designs but enjoy tweaking solid work.

So far I have basically what I put up here for the Centaur a few weeks back, even though some tweaks have been made to him, and I now have the player character design down, at least in terms of his size and shape so the animators can start thumbnailing and planning the animations and rigs.

So here is the Fae player character design so far:

The one on the left was the original design, then we had the idea of using the vines running along his body to roughly plot out the veins or follow the nervous system. I then came up with the one on the right. I really liked the idea but I'm not sure it comes across to well. I like how it grows up onto his face and down his arms, but I think I'll need to play around with it some more before I enjoy it.

I also have a list of props I'm making for the summer court environment as well as weapons, these include:

A bookcase made out of a tree
Musical Instruments
Tholos Arch (Similar to the Oracle of Delphi)
General Ruins
Tree Stumps
Bow and Arrow 

So far so good, just got to keep this up and keep knocking these designs out in preparation  this should be an amazing project, lets hope my blog posts stay this optimistic over the next few months.

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  1. Deeeeean you're doing awesomely :D Your design skills are improving and its showing! We'll all keep each other motivated and like you said, you feel better in production which is what most of year will be taken up with so you'll feel happier and more comfortable in no time :D

    Just a thought, I love your fae guy but maybe could you try combining the two designs together? So like the fae has some vine bits going along his left arm and partly over his chest and then the right side is mainly vines on his back going to his neck/face? Not like the complete chest and arms covered in vines, just parts? I have no idea if that remotely made sense but if not I'll show you what I mean in person. :)

    But yeah! Awesome stuff. You're going to be doing great this year and we all have confidence in you. :3 xxxx