Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lighting and Compositing & Major project

Hey everyone, bit of a late update but hey ho...I've now finished my lighting and compositing project and I'm quite pleased with how its turned out.

To start we had to light a scene with materials such as metal and glass as well as do reflective lighting all with standard lights so there was no use of global illumination ect. We had one day to do this although we could go back and change it, in the end I left it how it was to concentrate on the bigger parts of the assignment.

Then we moved on to the lighting of the untextured hand model that was created at the start of the year, this turned out fairly well and I only used 3 photometric lights in the scene. Here is the finished result.

Then we had to move on the the compositing part of the assignment, this was the part I think I was most successful in but we shall see when I get the grades...I decided to do an exterior night time shot and an interior daylight shot as they would show the widest variety of skill if they worked out well, although I did only add one model to each (or 2 of the same model) to keep it simple so I didn't try to bite of more than I could chew like normally. 

Here is the exterior shot...

And here's my interior shot...

Hope you guys like it and feel free to leave feedback in the comments about any improvements/things you like, its always welcome :)

As a final note I now have to keep a blog or diary of the major project to hand in for marks at the end of the project. The link is here if you interested and I'll try to add a tab at the top of the page. I've created a new blog for this just so people who follow me don't get spammed with updates :)

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