Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Final 1st Year Piece

So my first year assignments are all complete, mostly to a good standard I hope, but the last one became a struggle for me and found myself only getting 4 hours sleep over 48 hours and using 2 computers for the last few hours...and still didn’t complete it. Ah well I’ve learnt a lesson for next time...always get your work done well in advance of the deadline, mistakes WILL happen :)

But I did get the majority of the animation done, albeit with no textures or environments and here they are, next job is to sort these out so they work with the arty stuff :D 


This is the deformation test for the Roman soldier character I used in my final 1st year project. The model was created by Lauren Slater on the same course as me and I skinned it to a CAT rig in 3DS Max.


The first animation I did was my Roman soldier charging into battle with sword drawn and shield up. This was an interesting piece as it was my first run animation and found that it was nothing like what I had imagined...so the reference helped loads on this one. 

The second animation had to be a trait of the character being shown and the characteristics of them had to show through, I decided to do him training to stay at the top of his game as I saw him as a very competitive man who is proud to serve his country. 
I originally wanted a change of angle everytime he swaps activity but time got the better of me.

Last but not least is the performance animation which had to include the characteristics of the roman, be at least 10 seconds long and include dialogue, this was the furthest I got with this piece and doesn’t currently include any dialogue...the lip sync and the performance with be completed with sound in the upcoming weeks. :)

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